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Why do Garage Doors Cost what they Do in 2018?

It is possible to get a garage door installed in Minneapolis at less than a thousand dollars, but please understand that comes at the expense of doing away with some key attributes such as size, insulation, or material. You can better understand the quality of garage door you are shopping for by thinking of it in two terms: build and aesthetics.

The Build

  • Garage Door Dimensions
  • Everybody understands that the bigger the garage door, the more it will cost. However, the garage door does not necessarily become more expensive in direct proportion to its size. The larger a garage door gets, the more added support it may need to be installed with. So this usually means that at a certain point, very large garage doors get exponentially more expensive.

  • Garage Door Hardware
  • The built in lifespan of the working parts of a garage door, such as garage door springs, rollers and cables will tend to drive up the cost of the new garage door. If you are going for long lasting, maximum lifespan torsion springs, expect to pay more. FYI: a cycle for a garage door spring is one complete opening and closing of the garage door. Also, that reinforcement mentioned earlier? That would be classified as hardware.

  • Garage Door Material
  • The most popular garage door in America today is the steel door with a faux wood grain on it. Steel is less costly than aluminum when it comes to garage doors. Even more expensive than aluminum, a thick, smooth steel door will come at a fifty percent premium over a common wood grain steel garage door.

  • Garage Door Insulation
  • The money you spend on insulating your garage door can be looked at as a positive investment in home energy conservation. Still, it does contribute to the cost of a new garage door if you choose to have it. The insulation commonly sold for garage doors is made either out of polystyrene or polyurethane and a typical garage door can be insulated for well under eighty dollars.

Garage Door Aesthetics

  • Brand and Model
  • Some brands may come in at a higher price simply due to marketing. It is important to do your homework and comparison shop. If the build quality, features and looks are equal but the price is not, then you are being asked to pay for the brand. The model is where the actual differentiator in features comes into play. If the garage door panels are covered in a PVC overlay or are designed to look like a wooden carriage door, you will have to pay more for that regardless of brand.

  • Color
  • Typically garage door colors are divided between standard and premium. Standard colors will be lower priced, and the prices will usually be interchangeable. If it is standard and in stock, it will probably cost the same as another standard, in stock color. Premium colors are usually more expensive to make and may need to be ordered which can add a bit of delay in you getting your garage door. The added cost can be up to one hundred and fifty dollars more than standard paint.

  • Windows
  • Adding windows to a new garage door can cause a significant price increase, but they are worth it. Not only are you getting some more natural light to enter the garage, you are getting a very aesthetically pleasing look. People instinctively do not like being closed up and hidden. Windows are naturally attractive features that can increase the curb appeal of your home when looking to sell. The cheapest window addition may bring the overall garage door price up a quarter, adding more windows and windows with a high insulation quality can raise the price up 50%, so be careful here.

Something Else to Consider

  • Garage Door Openers
  • The automatic garage door openers sold at major department and home improvement stores are really not a great buy. They tend to be over-priced and lacking in quality. Also, I would have a lot less confidence in their technicians’ ability to install them properly. A garage door opener made specifically by garage door companies in the industry will tend to make less noise and function better. Average garage door opener costs range between three hundred and fifty dollars and five hundred dollars. There are some accessories you can purchase as well, such as extra remote controllers.

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