how to choose a garage door

Useful Tips When Choosing a Garage Door

Home garages are used by different families in various ways depending on their needs. There are some families that utilize them as extra rooms where the family members can utilize them for playing games, hobbies, visits and many more activities. There are some homes that only utilize the garages for storing vehicles only or their tools and equipment. And let’s not forget that if you plan to sell the home, a Minneapolis home inspector will be evaluating every aspect of your home. It is for these varied purposes that garages form an important feature of every home and require to be well secured using good garage doors. When choosing a garage door, it is important that you put some thought into the whole selection process. This will ensure that you get the best door for the garage. Below are some useful tips that you ought to consider when looking to buy a great garage door:

Determining Your Budget

There are some types of garage doors that tend to be expensive due to the materials they are made from and other essentials like added insulation. The added insulation is especially important if you are based in a region that experiences hurricanes, typhoons or places where temperatures drop a lot in winter. You will have to consider the region that you want to have the garage door installed before identifying whether it needs some extras or special additions. The more the additions and extras the more the cost of the garage door will be in the end. In order to make the whole process of buying of these doors easier, ensure that you first of all determine your budget.

You should look at the prices of the sample doors that you could be considering for your garage in order to get their price estimates. In addition, you ought to consider the maintenance costs of these doors and whether they come with any warranties. This will assist you determine your budget for the garage door. A good budget should also include a 10% additional cost to cater for any unforeseen additions or to cater for the extras that would help you cut down on your energy costs. You should then try as much as possible to stay within this budget when you go out there to do the actual purchasing in order to avoid running into financial trouble later on.


The style of your home will affect your overall decision when it comes to choosing a garage door. If your home has the style of an Old South style, then recessed and paneled doors will be great for such a home. If the house has a modern flare then garage doors made from contemporary materials like copper, wood, glass or aluminum are the best choice. It could also help if you would check out the style that people in your neighborhood use for their garage doors so as to get something almost similar. The garage doors are made from various materials and thus you will choose the material that is more appealing to you. The color of the doors is not all that important to consider as the same can be changed to match with the exterior of the house.

How the Doors Open

This is another important aspect to consider when choosing a garage door. You ought to make the decision whether you will want a garage door that either rolls-up or tilts when it is opened. Doors that tilt often have a disadvantage of allowing debris and moisture to enter into the garage but they are easily affordable due to their lower prices. The other types, the roll up garage doors are great to invest in as they consist of several sections, thereby saving on space but they are a bit expensive. The style and budget that the homeowner has at their disposal will dictate which garage door among the two they will choose to install in their homes.


Most garage doors are usually without windows making them to appear plain. You can however, break this plainness by choosing a door that has windows. You will be spoilt for choice as there are various types and shapes of windows to choose from. There are arched, curved and square rectangular windows to choose for your garage doors. The windows will be great as they can add some style to your house and garage in general. However, before choosing the doors that have windows, you should determine their placement area as that would determine what will be seen by anyone outside the garage.

Material and Maintenance

The material that your preferred garage door is made from will be determined by the amount of maintenance it requires in the long run. If you do not have ample time for maintenance then you should opt for a door that requires the least amount of maintenance in order to guarantee you a peace of mind. Metal doors are a great choice for your garage but they are susceptible to dents and showing scrapes that can be caused by branches of trees that are near the garage. Wood doors are also great as they are capable of accentuating the home’s outer features well. However, they get damaged easily if one does not maintain them according to their instructions. The doors made from fiberglass are also a great choice for using in garages as they last longer but they are recommended for use in areas with cold climates.


Before you purchase your garage door from any hardware store or online store, you should always find out the length of the warranty period or whether they offer any warranty on them at all. The longer the warranty the better the quality of the garage doors will be. This is true as the long warranty period would be a clear indication of the confidence that the manufacturer have on their products.

All of the above are some of the useful tips that you ought to consider when choosing a garage door. They will enable you get the best garage door that your garage deserves in order to offer adequate protection to whatever purpose the garage plays in a home. Following them carefully would be of great benefit to the home owner searching for the right garage door, and if you want the very best garage door installers in Minnesota, we are right here, ready to help!

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