Top Garage Organization Ideas

The main purpose of a garage is to house your car, but not when you have more than enough useful tools and equipment to store. The bad news is, any sharp tool or heavy equipment falling or coming in contact with your car might not be pleasing especially if you treasure that new look. The good news is, you don’t need to do much. You only need up to $50 to do away with much trouble. To understand clearly what this means, here are a few garage organization ideas.

  1. Organizing your Skates, Bikes and any other Wheels
  2. If not organized correctly, bikes and other wheels can fall, hit and ruin your paint job. One of the best solutions to this is to invest in a few wily solutions as mentioned below.

    Bicycle hoist for a garage | Price: $40 and above

    bike hoistBicycle hoist has a pulley system and a rope that allows you to raise, hold and lock your bike safely in place reducing the chances of it banging your car. To remove it and lower your bike to the floor, you are required to remove the lock. You will also need a few tools and time to put back the pulleys safely to the ceiling joist and then thread the pulley’s ropes. There are also garage hoists priced about $25 you can use to hold your small boats and kayaks in place.

    Wall rack | Price: Approximately $20

    wall rack in garageSharp blades from your skater shoes and wheels from your boards can fall, hit and scratch off the paint from your car. These are some of the things you must be too cautious when storing. With an astoundingly designed wall rack priced approximately $20, you can safely hang up all your skating tools such as skateboards, shoes, helmets and more. What you need to do is secure it to wall joists.

  3. Arranging your Sporting Equipment
  4. If one of your hobbies is engaging in sports, then you must have several gears you want ending nowhere but your garage. If you don’t know how to organize your garage safely, keeping sporting equipment such as balls, bats, rackets, clubs and more might take more space than you expect. Here are some tools you might find useful.

    A wire rack | Price: Starts from $35

    With a wire rack that has hangers, you can securely bring balls, rackets, gloves, bats or any other sporting equipment in one place. The hangers are attached to the wire rack hence works best to hold more than one gear in one place.

    Ski rack | Price: $45

    ski rack in garageThings can get messy when you have more than enough to keep but don’t know how to organize them. The ones you should watch out for, are the heaviest equipment simply because they might easily damage your car. To avoid this, bring together the poles, skis, and boots using a steel ski rack. To perfectly hold in place the equipment, you need to mount the steel ski rack on the wall studs. If you can’t hang them onto the wall studs, then you can securely install them using wall anchors.

    Wire shelves coated with Vinyl | Price: Below $9

    It doesn’t matter how often you go fishing. The place you choose to keep your fishing rods matters a lot because you don’t want them coming in contact with your car. You can secure a port by hanging a wire shelf from inside and onto your garage ceiling approximately five feet apart. You can then thread the fishing rods through the shelf’s opening. To achieve this, you need a shelf coated with vinyl that measures a 4-foot by 16 inches. Using bolt cutters, you can clip the wire shelve so that you get two shelves measuring 2-foot.

  5. Storing your Workshop Tools
  6. Workshop tools are among the things you need to be more cautious when storing simply because they are sharp enough to cut through things, and your car isn’t an exception. The good news is, unlike sporting equipment and more, you don’t need anything special to organize them. Here are a few things you might find useful.

    Magnetized rails | Price: $30

    Despite working so hard trying to keep your metal tools from damaging your car, you want them in a place so that you can easily access and use them. The best way to do this is to invest on magnetized rails. This simple equipment will firmly hold in place your metal tools stopping them from falling and onto your car. What you need to do is, screw the magnetized rail onto the wall studs to support your metal tool’s weight.

    A liner | Price: $15

    When keeping your tools, you are not only trying to reduce the chances of your car getting damaged or wearing out, but also trying to maintain the tools. Most tools wear out easily when exposed to moisture and you don’t want that happening to the high priced tools you have in your garage. The simplest way to prevent this from happening is to pad the drawers of your tool box using a no-slip liner. The liner is soft enough to cushion your tools and protect them from rolling away and falling. Depending on your toolbox drawer size, measure and cut the liner that fit into it.

    Electrical junction boxes | Price: $2 each

    Small items such as pencils, tape measures and more can easily disappear from your sight if you don’t have a specific place to keep them. You need them in one place where you can easily access and use them, and that is inside an electrical junction box. What you need to do is place the electrical junction box safely on to the pegboard or wall studs.

  7. Organizing your Working Tools

If you own a big compound, you can’t survive without garden tools such as ladders, rakes, shovels, clippers and more. You need them, but do you just keep them anywhere? Of course not. You garage might come in handy but not when you treasure the new look on your car. Fortunately, you don’t have to do so much. With these few garage organization ideas, you can still create some space to store your garden tools without risking that new look on your car you treasure so much.

Garage cabinet | Price: Under $25

With a garage cabinet, you can create a storage unit to store your garden tools. What you need to do is, find any old filing cabinet, remove and paint the drawers and then use them to store your tools.

Rails | Price: $22 for a 48-inch rail

Heavy and large garden tools such as ladders are better mounted high on your garage wall simply because they take a large space, and the worst can do great damage if they fall onto your car. You can simply make your work easier by arranging pegs and tools on a 48-inch rail.

Other garage organization ideas, includes creating pockets to store your long-handled tools. You can find wooden pallets at no price from your local franchises. For other goodies such as lubricants, repellents, fertilizers and more, you can simply use a rack.

As you can see, you might be having more than enough that needs secure storage. What you need is, find a particular location where you can easily access and use them and most importantly, a place they can’t easily ruin your car. Walls do a better job, but not without tools such as racks, cabinets, hangers and more. Make your work easier, by choosing what you find useful among the garage organization ideas mentioned above.

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