Making Your Own Garage Workshop

garage workbench 2Garages are a perfect example of home workshops because of their capacity to tolerate dust and noise from different do-it-yourself projects. For you to enjoy such projects, a garage workshop should be not only comfortable but also convenient. One of the essential factors is having enough working space to give you room for working even when there are cars parked inside. The area’s measurement needs to be at least ten feet long and six feet deep.

An appropriate garage workshop should also have adequate storage for placing supplies and tools. This storage space is exclusive of the top of the working surface. The need for excellent lighting is worth noting since will guarantee your safety as well as the execution of error-free projects. The work surfaces should be durable, considering the kind of tasks carried out within the garage workshop.

It is possible to assemble a simple workbench, shelving, cabinets, and overhead lighting at a cost not exceeding 500 dollars. On the higher end, you can use thousands of dollars to build the best garage shop. There are several sections to keep in mind when embarking on such a project, as the information below highlights.

  • The Workbench
  • The working area is the central part of this do-it-yourself project, and it usually comprises of a solid, robust top. It is advisable to purchase or create the best workbench that you can afford. Remember to avoid including materials and tools that end up exhausting the workbench space. The cost of new workbenches range from 100 to 500 dollars and are available in different lengths, with each having a depth of 24 inches. Although the typical height is 38 inches, some people may still prefer 36 to 42 inches high workbench.

    You may take less than 24 hours to build a simple and durable workbench using affordable materials. Additionally, there are readily available plans to guide you through the building stages. Detailed instructions are also available on Family Handyman magazines to take you through the process of building simple and inexpensive benches. Building a more complicated bench incorporating a drawer and miter saw stand would cost between 300 and 500 dollars and would take about two days.

  • Addition of Sufficient Electric Power
  • A garage will have new lights as well as sufficient electric service with adequate capacity and outlets needed to accommodate several power tools. You need to place electric vents close to the garage rather than relying on extension cords that stretch across the building, which could cause accidents. In case a garage service does not have 30-amp circuits, you should consult with electric contractors to make a simple upgrade. The contractor rates would differ depending on your region or location. A good electrician works promptly; hence, installation of shop lights may take two hours or less. It is necessary to run a new and stronger gauge wire to the garage site from the circuit-breaker box so as to increase circuit capacity.

  • A Suitable Bright Light
  • A garage work surface needs strong task lighting and sufficient bright light. High-intensity lights such as LEDs and halogen are appropriate for over-bench lights since they tend to focus on the target location. Moreover, such light sources have a goose-neck that is flexible and whose cost ranges between 75 and 150 dollars. Recessed fixtures, which are inexpensive, are a perfect option for a garage with a finished ceiling. The cost of these appliances, which are great for ambient and task lighting ranges between 10 and 20 dollars. Fluorescent light fixtures mounted on the top part are the appropriate and affordable choice for workshop lighting.

    When buying the lighting tools, you should opt for lumens instead of watts. A lumen refers to a unit of measuring the brightness of lighting and is an easy way of making a comparison of the current energy-saving light bulbs. Light bulbs and fixtures have labels indicating the lumens available for each device. A standard rule is using 130-150 lumens for every working space measuring a square foot. For instance, a fluorescent bulb of 40 watts releases approximately 2,200 lumens while an incandescent bulb of 60 watts gives off about 800 lumens.

  • The Storage Space
  • Remember that you shouldn’t fill the room with unused coffee cans filled with bits and bolts but rather pay a visit to home improvement companies to get great garage storage ideas. Garage storage systems that are modular and wall-mounted gives space for configuring bins, shelves, and hooks as needed. They cost approximately 10 dollars per square foot of wall space. Hefty tubs and plastic containers serve the role of protecting sandpaper, tools as well as tool manuals from rodents, insects, and dust. A capped plastic barrel with a capacity of 10 gallons costs approximately 5-8 dollars.

    Old kitchen cabinets, which are usually available at the selling point of salvaged building materials, are a perfect way of adding storage as well as homemade workbenches. Salvaged cabinets cost almost half the price of new ones. An advisable way for you to achieve long-lasting work surfaces is topping cabinet runs with a three-quarter inch of plywood.

  • Garage Doors
  • The standard measurements of one entry garage door are 9 inches width and 7 inches in height, which should have aluminum or wood insulation. For dual vehicle garages, you should consider a 16-inch garage door that has robust reinforcement to avert bowing in an upward position. It is advisable to use polyurethane rollers to minimize the noise caused by the door during motion.

  • Key Factors to Remember

garage workbench 3The primary factors you need to take note of in the garage workshop design include aesthetic, functionality, safety, and the ergonomics or flow. You need to seek the services of an engineer or architect who will give you design ideas and a structurally sound format of the workshop. Maintenance of the existing architecture is vital to ensure that the workshop is not a hindrance in case you choose to sell your home in future. For optimal safety, you should consider a detached garage since a fire in such a structure is unlikely to advance to your main house.

As you can see, creating your garage is an easy task that you can accomplish within one to two days. The cost of building and purchasing materials is also affordable.

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