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garage-door-opener+keypads-minneapolis-mnVery few household appliances take as much wear as a garage door opener. Garage door openers generally last for years at a time without having issues. Under intense use, however, they will break down or cause damage to the door setup such as applying an imbalanced pulling force that stresses the garage door track unevenly. After they break, sometimes they might only need a relatively easy repair to work normally again. This can be worked on by one of our skilled specialists.

Garage Door Opener Installation Minneapolis

When it comes to garage door openers Minneapolis homeowners can certainly run into a range of difficulties. The pulley mechanism might crash, the remote can stop working, and it may even have problems receiving power at times. All of these issues are complications that a skilled specialist can repair at a minimal cost. If your garage door opener is having any of these problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our services are not only limited to openers, our technicians can work on and repair any garage door part. Ask about our lifetime warranties on our repairs and free estimates on your next service.

brand-new-garage-door-openersToday’s garage door openers are very durable, surprisingly quiet, and powerful enough to life a range of custom garage doors made from many kinds of materials. Adding a new garage door opener to your garage gives you a configuration that truly helps you get the most out of your home. Performance, reliability, functionality, and even safety are maximized by adding a properly installed automatic opener to your garage door.

There are three major types of garage door opener based upon their “drive system”, or how they transfer the movement from the motor to the door. Screw is actually a corkscrew shaped rod extending directly from the motor to power the movement of the garage door. It is the most powerful of the three types and great for massive, heavy garage doors. Chain is one that dominated the early garage door opener market due to its affordability. Finally, the belt style of garage door opener has become the standard in the typical residential garage door opener configuration. They excel at delivering steady and quiet performance.

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Minneapolis home owners should give Pro Garage Door Minneapolis a call today and we will get your garage door opener working like new, no matter the make or model. Don’t have an automatic opener and want one? We offer top of the line garage door openers for sale and can install them quickly and economically.

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