Best Minneapolis Suburbs to Live In

Minneapolis is one of the big cities in the US that people would rather prefer they lived in and raised their families. It is perfect for children, pre-teens, teens, youths, married couples and old folks alike. As a big city, it has numerous attractions and amenities. However, not all places offer the same experience. Obviously, there are better suburbs within the area and many people seeking the best Minneapolis communities to live in must consider a number of aspects. Here is a list of 10 top suburbs you should think about when looking for the best communities to live in:

  1. Eden Prairie
  2. This is definitely the community to live in when you move to Minneapolis. It harbors over 170 miles of public multi-purpose roads and trails, 2997 total amenities and over 2,000 local businesses. It has a 96% graduation rate which is one of the highest in US and also headquarters big companies like C.H. Robinson Worldwide and Minnesota Vikings. These attributes go ahead to solidify the future of this suburb. Eden Prairie is a town to covet and offers the ideal resting place to those looking for communities that got everything. It is also clean and depicts exceptional planning (no congestion).

  3. Chanhassen
  4. If you are looking for the top affluent communities within the Twin cities, then Chanhassen is your best option. This town has a median income of over $103,000 and the median house price is $348,000 but these are not the only attractions. Chanhassen is for those who love nature and sits on 1,000 acres of green land featuring ponds, wildlife, lakes, beaches and arboretum. Lake Ann Beach and Lake Minnewashta both make Chanhassen one of the best Minneapolis communities to live in. It is perfect for families and raising your kids.

  5. Edina
  6. Edina evolved from a powerful mining and farming community to one of the best suburbs in Minneapolis. It is hidden in Hennepin County and boasts a 97% graduation rate making it another best place to raise your kids. Large companies such as Dairy Queen and Lund Food Holdings are headquartered in the town and the housing market is one of the best in the whole of US. Edina offers a calm yet busy environment depicting high levels of sophistication. It also has top class eateries and restaurants that prepare a broad spectrum of menus to choose from.

  7. Minnetonka
  8. If you want a large community with vast land and opportunities for both business and relaxation, you need not to go further than Minnetonka. This large suburb is a great town for those who love water activities like swimming, fishing and boating. The average commuting time is 20 minutes and median rents never go beyond $1,200. Moreover, the community enjoys a united healthcare and has all the potential to be a booming town in the next few years. It is a safe choice if you plan to stay there for many years.

  9. Lakeville
  10. Lakeville is another fast growing suburb in Minnesota that continues to attract both families and businessmen. The region boasts vast green lands, wetlands, lakes and ponds for family fun activities. There are other attractions as well. Lakeville is significantly affordable when compared to other towns as homes prices vary around $250,000. The community is also eased up and not as uptight as some suburbs. It is quite fun and hospitable at first sight; you will feel warm and happy to move in. The unemployment rate is only 5.3% and crimes are very few.

  11. Rogers
  12. Rogers has a 3.3% crime rate and median house prices at $1,271 which is quite attractive. The crime rates are very low and the average income is high. The town features large homes and big green backyards with fields. If you want a cool environment that is set for greater developments in the coming decades, then settling in Rogers would not be a bad bet.

  13. Plymouth
  14. Plymouth has a reputation as the most populated suburb in the twin city with a total population of 70,000. This immediately raises the cost of living and median house prices are at $298,200. However, a low crime rate of 5.3% is welcoming and affordable public schools also add to the attraction. Although the prices are a little bit higher, Plymouth is only 15 miles from Minneapolis and this close proximity easily make it one of the most sought suburbs. Many people would relish the opportunity to live that close.

  15. Golden Valley
  16. This is the ideal Minneapolis community to live in if you want a corporate lifestyle without the hassle of staying in a huge city. The town has low crime rates of 4.4% and short commute time of 20 minutes. It is home to companies like Pentair and General Mills which provide job security to residents. Golden Valley is a calm society suitable for anyone accustomed to the suburban lifestyle.

  17. Delano
  18. Delano is a small Minneapolis suburb with a population of 5,500 and median rents never go above $600. However, its small size is no reason enough to pass on to the next town. This suburb has a strong public education system that produces a 94% graduation rate. The crime rates are very low and the community is one of the safest. Crow River offers a spot for leisure activities like fishing and Delano also boasts the largest oldest celebrations for the 4th of July event. It has a vibrant culture and strong foundation. Settling in is an effortless process.

  19. Victoria
  20. If you are an outdoor person, then “The city of lakes” should be your top priority. This city has over 200 acres reserve land filled with 9 lakes and 13 parks. I t is one of the best towns to live in and credited for a high median income well over $110,000. The region has a 97% graduation rate and one of the wealthiest in Minnesota. Victoria is perfect for anyone who loves outdoor experiences and fun activities.


There are many other perfect Minneapolis communities you can consider including Champlin, Maple Grove, Prior Lake and Savage among others. When reviewing best communities, aspects of per capita income, amenities, standards of living, commuting, crime rate and unemployment rates are the top considerations. Home prices and potential for development are also factored.

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