Best Restaurants in Minneapolis

Minneapolis boasts of numerous eateries and restaurants ranging from top class five star hangouts to the general public places. Finding the best restaurants in Minneapolis should not be a daunting task if know what to look for. However, people’s needs are subjective and one’s best place is often not necessarily another person’s ideal eatery. Nevertheless, this list of 10 top restaurants in Minneapolis represents a collective spectrum of all your needs for a restaurant. They are the best 10 places you will come across and have been operating for at least 6 months having recently stepped up their services.

  1. Birchwood Café
  2. Birchwood is one of the most trustworthy restaurants you will come across in Minneapolis. They partner with and know all their farmers, spearheading their efforts and helping to harvest the crops which are then integrated into incredibly delicious meals. Catch savory waffles and fresh family meals in this modern restaurant. Birchwood is the place to take your family out for some fresh happy meals that meet your standards.

  3. Burch Steak and Pizza Bar
  4. This is a comprehensive menu setup restaurant that combines the old and new flavors in town. However, beef steak is the order of the day and you will find your unique desire whether corn finished or grass fed. The rest of the menu is also amazing and irresistible to exploit. You can begin with a fresh starter that features sea beans and crab meat or order the house-made sauerkrauts that are topped with poached eggs. The menu is broad and complex containing everything a beef lover would want to order at the Twin cities.

  5. Brasa Premium Rotisserie
  6. If you are down for natural gluten free roasted meats and some insightful South American recipes, then Basa is the place to be. Apart from the sandwiches, everything else is gluten free. The restaurant started with a radical idea that involved locally sourcing quick served food using high quality ingredients. They have since been inspired by South America menus and house-made food to give you a taste of home away from home.

  7. Al’s Breakfast
  8. This iconic Minneapolis restaurant is snuggly tucked between dinky-town buildings and is therefore quite cozy. The path leading to the doorway is only wide enough for one or two people at most. Inside the restaurant, you can choose to sit at the counter to watch all the magic or a much warmer seat inside. It is modest and offers gruff service that comes with their trademark blueberry pancakes. Al’s is the best restaurant to have a quiet breakfast in readiness for a long exhilarating day.

  9. Brewer’s Table
  10. Brewer’s table is the kind of restaurant you will just love to eat at from time to time. They are situated at the top of a roaring taproom and they offer unbelievable flavor bombs from their experienced chefs. The dishes are delicious and bold, prepared for the unique combination with beer. The environment alone is appetizing enough to make you want to eat and the surly brewery ensures you never miss wine. Whether you need something light to blanket the liquor or a heavy meal before starting your evening, the Brewer’s table got you covered and is one of the best dinners in the region.

  11. Gardens of Salonica
  12. This is the ideal eatery for everyone including children, teens, married couples and old folks. It provides a cool yet warm environment that feels sun drenched even when the clouds are all over. And the menu is simply exceptional with a touch of genius hands from the experts. The crispy fries that leave a vinegary herb flecked taste or the Greek soup that will draw your appetite with its lemon sprinkles are only a few choices you have. This is a family owned restaurant that is into Greek favorites and offer various options to choose from. If you want some fresh deliciousness from the world of the Greeks, then this is the garden to visit.

  13. Heartland
  14. Owned by one of the most reputed chefs in the area, Heartland is focused on preparing local Minnesota dishes. Lenny Russo’s ideas often attract trend experts and the chef owner is fond of following the seasons; he prepares what is right for that season whether snow or sunshine. He is always on point with bold beautiful dishes that will put you in the festive mood. The amazing element is that he chooses local foods and thrives to offer the best meals for local market.

  15. Corner Table
  16. If you want a great restaurant for quick night dates, long evenings, celebration space, consolation joints or simply catching up with friends, then this is your best restaurant in Minneapolis. It is the only neighborhood with such a restaurant and offers the best experience. They have ravishing cuisines and keep rotating the menu to stay modern and new. Corner table is visited by thousands from other states and many fancy it for long dates.

  17. Haute Dish
  18. One perfect thing about this restaurant is that the main chef Landon Schoenefeld is also the owner. Although he did not grow up in the region, he just happens to prepare the best tarter tot hot-dish (Minnesota’s unofficial state dish). Haute Dish is the place for anyone looking for new menu integrations and creative restaurants. It is one of many to come and enlivens dinning within the Twin Cities.

  19. Heyday

Heyday definitely deserves a spot in the top ten restaurants in Minneapolis. Their dining room is captivating and depicts exceptional aesthetics with a cool rock and roll ambience. They have beautiful cocktails and are renowned for playing with exceptions to keep diners happy and on the edge. Co-owner chef Jim’s food is the attraction of many. He can come up with several different flavors for the same dinner. Rabbit and carrot are the classic flavors at the restaurant but you still have the opportunity to exploit a broad menu of flavorful choices.


There are many other top restaurants in Minneapolis including Hola Arepa, Lucia’s Restaurant and Manny’s Tortas among others. These restaurants are reputable for high quality delicious foods, experienced professional chefs, and scenic themes and cover arrangement. They are also affordable and depict top hygiene. What’s more, they use fresh ingredients locally sourced from the market.

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